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Handmade Heaven “Party Garland” Package


Tie your own party garland! 

Because you can always come up with a reason to hang garlands and celebrate life.

With this package you will learn to tie the first segment for this Macramé Party Garland. This kit includes the tutorial, diagram, stitch description, cut twine for one point and a long base thread to continue knotting.


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The Handmade Heaven Tray hanger package includes:

  • 1 bamboo tray of 21 x 14.5 cm
  • basic rope cut to size 4 mm thickness
  • wrapping rope 3 mm thickness
  • 1 wooden ring
  • 1 wire clamp
  • knot layout
  • a clear job description

All packages are made with the Knots & Nerds macramé rope from Meaningful Crafts.

These Macramé home packages are designed by stylist and craft designer Twirre from Studio Handmade Heaven.

About Twirre

In the pure designs of Studio Handmade Heaven, traditional techniques are applied in a contemporary way.

Twirre masters a wide variety of craft techniques, but her main craft is Macramé. This cool knotting technique has stolen my heart. The purity of the rope and the simplicity of the stitches, which together form different patterns time and time again, without becoming too delicate. She loves it all!

Twirre designs and knots custom-made items on commission, rents out large PartyMacramé backdrops and pendants and gives Macramé lessons for beginners and advanced students. Shop the materials, take a lesson and maybe you'll fall for this craft too.

1 review for Handmade Heaven “Feestslinger” Pakket

  1. Wendy Storm (verified owner)

    Nice product, bit vague that it comes with rope for 1 flag. It says starter pack but I had not understood that. Great way to learn macramé, though.

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