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heart doll


An easy-to-make doll made of soft flannel, filled with soft sheep's wool. This doll is very popular as a present to someone who is expecting or as a baby shower gift. When the mother wears the doll on her skin overnight and then puts it in the crib with the baby, the baby becomes calm. After all, newborns can smell their mother much earlier than they can see and thus experience the soothing proximity of the mother. The pure wool takes on the scent and releases it back into the environment. Also available in light yellow and light blue on request.

Size: 20cm.

Also needed: sewing thread.

Very easy to make.

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3 reviews for Hartepopje

  1. Pauline Atema (verified owner)

    35 years ago, I also had one for my son and now another heart doll from Texel for my grandchild.

  2. Annemarie Knottnerus (verified owner)

    Nice maternity present.

  3. Catherine Monème (verified owner)

    Je vais sûrement le recommander

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