Wooden knitting needles

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15 and 20 mm thick wooden knitting needles for, among other things, knitting with split sliver wool.

Inexpensive needles for knitting, among other things, scarves and pillows from thick chunky knitting yarn or split sliver wool.

In length 35 cm, thickness 15 or 20 mm at your choice, or in length 45 cm, thickness 15, 20 or 25 mm. Nice smooth wood with round knob (sometimes the knob is barrel-shaped, it varies per production). Packed per pair.


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Looking for the perfect wool to knit with these knitting needles? We have several options for you:

    • Meerfelt! 27 micron European XL Big Wool Pencil Wick (medium fine). This wool is thinner than the XXL wool and best to knit with needles from 20 mm.
    • Meerfelt! European XXL Big Wool of 27 microns (medium fine). Available in 80 colours. Same quality as pencil wool, but thicker (about 4-5 cm).
    • Meerfelt! 27 micron South American Merino wool (medium fine). Available in 50 colours.

In love with knitting XXL Big Wool and can't wait to get started? Click here to check out our Pinterest board for XXL Chunky Merino inspiration.


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