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European Merino Wool Roving – Color Sets


At meervilt! you can choose from up to 60 colors of European merino wick wool. We have put together sets of these colors, each containing five different colors (5x10gr).

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48 reviews for Europese Merino Lontwol – kleursetjes

  1. Dettie Dekkers (verified owner)

    Nice colours

  2. Wendy Marsman (verified owner)

    The energy of wool

  3. Tineke Wolters (verified owner)

    Top beautiful product

  4. Harriet Tap (verified owner)

    good colour combination !

  5. Iliana Hay (verified owner)

    Very Good

  6. Natalie Ree (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, beautiful colours

  7. Inge Goderis (verified owner)

    outstanding quality

  8. L.H. (verified owner)

    some colours are different in the picture than in real life

  9. M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and fine material

  10. Nini Vos de Mooij (verified owner)

    Very nice to work with

  11. Katrine Js (verified owner)

    Good quality

  12. Els Harlaar (verified owner)

    Nice colours for a beginning felt hoby

  13. Ada (verified owner)

    Beautiful colours and fine wool

  14. Ria Vd Bedem (verified owner)


  15. Cora Ter Horst (verified owner)

    Nice set. Would be nice if it had the micron on it.

  16. Nelleke van de Steenoven (verified owner)

    Lovely material, beautiful colours

  17. Ella Dalebout (verified owner)

    Nice set to make flowers, for example.

  18. Marleen van Engelen (verified owner)

    Not yet participated.

  19. Katleen (verified owner)

    The wool is super

  20. J Van der Veen (verified owner)

    Beautiful wool,exactly the colours in the picture.

  21. Sari De Haas (verified owner)

    what to take to markets

  22. Ineke Piket (verified owner)

    Fancy spinning along.

  23. Bettina Marsman (verified owner)

    Warm colours

  24. Ria van der Wijk-de Jong (verified owner)

    Nice colour combination.

  25. Martine Huurnink (verified owner)

    Wonderful , and beautiful

  26. Kathleen De Witte (verified owner)

    nice colours

  27. Els van Elden (verified owner)

    Very happy with it, I only miss white though, will check the site again

  28. NEIL MacINNIS (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! The best!

  29. Nynke Tacoma (verified owner)

    Beautiful colour and good product

  30. Susanne Spaink (verified owner)


  31. Linda de Ruiter (verified owner)

    nice colours

  32. Josh Moll (verified owner)

    Beautiful colours

  33. Hanneke ter Schure (verified owner)

    Nice fur wool, good colours and quantity.

  34. C.M. Dubois (verified owner)

    Nice quality wool

  35. G.H. Vos (verified owner)

    Looks good but haven't used it yet!

  36. Alexandra Holscher (verified owner)

    Beautiful colours and nice to work with

  37. Mariek Hemelaar (verified owner)

    Nice colours, only some give off.

  38. Catharina Ten hooks (verified owner)

    Great quality

  39. Anja Ketelaars (verified owner)

    nice wool that works well

  40. Irma Brouwer (verified owner)

    fine quality

  41. Ella Groothuis (verified owner)

    Nice colours

  42. J Christian (verified owner)

    excellent quality, beautiful colors, very satisfied

  43. Mariken Koning (verified owner)

    Nice colors

  44. Gerti Van ierssel

    Nice colors, good quality

  45. sang (verified owner)

    The colors are brilliant and the wool is so soft. Exactly what I expected and easy to work with for needle felting!

  46. Annelies Akkerman (verified owner)

    great very beautiful

  47. Jenneke Lodder (verified owner)

    nice combination

  48. Karola Vineyards (verified owner)

    very nice, nice colors

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