Meerfelt! Indigo 1-2-3 Starting Kit


Meerfelt! Indigo starter kit for dyeing wool, silk, cotton etc. Traditional textile dyeing with a modern approach.

Everything you need to start dyeing with indigo.

You can paint beautiful shades of blue with plant-based indigo. From light sky blue to jeans blue and dark navy blue.

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With this complete indigo starter pack you can get started right away!

This starter pack contains everything you need to get started painting straight away:

  • 25g Indigo (vegetable pigment powder)
  • 50 g Calcium hydroxide (slaked lime)
  • 75 g fructose (fruit sugar)
  • 5 Marbles (mixing aid)
  • Disposable Gloves
  • 25 g Merino wick wool for dyeing
  • Clear step-by-step guide

You will also need (not included):

  • A pan and two bowls
  • More fabric, yarn or fiber to dye

With this package you can dye approximately 250 grams of textile dark blue (weight of the dry matter). If you paint lighter shades of blue, you can use more fabric.

With the 1-2-3 recipe you can easily and environmentally friendly make an indigo barrel/tub. For example, you dye wool, silk or cotton in it.

There are several recipes for dyeing with indigo. A contemporary version is the environmentally friendly 1-2-3 barrel by French master dyer Michel Garcia. His recipe uses an ingredients ratio of 1:2:3.

1 part Indigo

2 parts Calcium Hydroxide

3 parts fructose

Dyeing with indigo is magical! As soon as you remove the substance from the barrel, you will see how it changes color due to exposure to oxygen. From green to beautiful blue.

Try other techniques, such as tie deying!

(Due to differences in screens, the colors shown are only an indication of the actual color. Wool is also a natural product that is subject to natural variations that can affect the final color after a dye bath.)


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