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Ramie Roving

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Beautiful shiny fiber to combine with wool. You can also felt or spin the fiber. If you are going to dye this mix afterwards, the color will pick up less well on the ramie fiber than on the wool, resulting in light details.

Available in packs of 50 grams and 1 kilo.

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Ramie, shiny and vegetable

The properties of ramie are similar to those of linen. Ramie has more shine than linen. Ramie is very suitable as summer wear. Ramie is wear-resistant and has a good moisture-absorbing effect.

Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) is also called Chinese grass. It is a plant from the nettle family that is mainly found in eastern Asia. Fibers have been extracted from the stem of the plant for more than 6000 years and are used for the production of wire and rope, fishing nets, paper and coarse textiles such as tablecloths, bed linen and curtains (grass linen). Mantles were also woven from ramie.

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  1. viviane voormans (verified owner)

    Strong and soft, but harder to color than I hoped.

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