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Tussah Silk Roving

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Colored silk roving of 100% Chinese Tussah silk.

This beautifully shiny silk is combed in a sliver. You can also felt or spin them for special shine effects. In packs of 20 grams, 100 grams or 1 kilo per color.

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Beautiful combed silk roving. Perfect for felting projects or for spinning! Gives a beautiful shine!

White silk roving (mulberry silk), also suitable for dyeing it yourself, find you here.

11 reviews for Tussah Zijde Lont

  1. Anneke Verheijden-Kooiman (verified owner)

    Beautiful silk!

  2. Hetsche Boonstra

    Textiles knowledge lesson material

  3. Kathleen De Witte (verified owner)

    nice shiny colour

  4. Cockie Acke-Moeliker (verified owner)

    Beautiful colour and works fine

  5. Ann Vanmeerbeek (verified owner)

    Nice material

  6. Els Jansen (verified owner)

    well packed

  7. Lies (verified owner)

    Organic, naturally dyed and nice to use

  8. Renata Berk (verified owner)

    Nice and soft material.

  9. C.I. Van de Beek (verified owner)

    An animal-friendly silk with a beautiful color that went well with my felted scarf in black/grey tones.

  10. Teja van der Lee (verified owner)

    nice color and good to felt

  11. Chris Van Gulck (verified owner)

    Gives a great extra to your work

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