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Felt needle holders 1/4/6

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A handle, needle holder or 4 or 6-filter makes needle felting easier, faster and more comfortable, making it a valuable tool for serious needle felting hobbyists and crafters.

The needles for these felting needle handles can be found here: Felting Needles

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Felt needle holders

What are the advantages of our needle felt holders or handles?

  1. Improved comfort: The ergonomic wooden handle ensures comfortable long-term use, reducing hand fatigue.
  2. Multiple needles: The holder can hold up to four needles at once, allowing you to work more efficiently and treat larger areas in less time.
  3. Safety: Protect your fingers from unintentional pricks, as the needles are held safely and securely in the holder.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Made of high-quality wood for a natural look and durability.

What are the advantages of a needle felt holder with multiple needles, such as a 4 or 6-filter?

A multi-needle needle felt holder, such as a 4 or 6-needle holder, offers several advantages when practising needle felting:

  1. Increased efficiency: With a 4-needle holder, you can simultaneously pierce four needles into the wool, resulting in faster progress in compacting the fibres. This makes the needle felting process more efficient and allows you to cover larger areas with each movement.
  2. More even compression: Multiple needles working together create a more even compression of the wool. This helps create consistent density and shape in your felting project, minimising irregularities.
  3. Less fatigue: Holding and individually operating multiple needles can lead to fatigue and discomfort in your hands and fingers. A needle holder makes work more comfortable and reduces the strain on your hands.
  4. Safety: A needle holder protects your fingers from accidental punctures. This reduces the risk of injury as you have less direct contact with the sharp needle tips.
  5. Greater control: The 4-needle holder gives you greater control over the direction and depth of needle movements, allowing you to work more precisely and create more complex shapes and details.
  6. Time-saving: Using multiple needles at once significantly speeds up the needle felting process. This allows you to complete projects in less time, which is especially useful for larger and more time-consuming projects.

Overall, a 4-needle holder makes needle felting easier, faster and more comfortable, making it a valuable tool for serious needle felting hobbyists and crafters.

16 reviews for Viltnaaldhouders 1/4/6

  1. Harriet Tap (verified owner)

    works fine if you want to felt with more than 1 needle

  2. Feikje de Jong v.d. Thumb (verified owner)

    Not used yet

  3. Anne-Marie (verified owner)

    handy to have on hand, good quality

  4. Alea (verified owner)

    Good quality

  5. Bettina Marsman (verified owner)

    Not used yet

  6. Elly Manshanden (verified owner)

    Good product, I recommend you to fellow users

  7. Wendy Van Dijk (verified owner)

    Pleasant wooden puncture pens.

  8. Lorenzo Garreyn (verified owner)

    Beautiful product!

  9. Linda de Ruiter (verified owner)

    I did not read carefully there were no needles included, I only saw that after delivery. Might be more down to me than the site

  10. Marjan (verified owner)

    Fine in relation to the price. Works well in any case.

  11. Rosemie De Brauwer (verified owner)

    works simply, and stays firmly in place

  12. Pytsje Cuperus (verified owner)

    Holders come off very quickly

  13. Lies (verified owner)

    Handy: works faster than 1 needle. Less convenient: the needles move while tightening so that they do not stick straight down. You have to fiddle with something sharp after tightening to get them all straight again.

  14. Lina Kalnietyte (verified owner)

    Have better in the past

  15. Marijke Verstraelen (verified owner)

    Excellent this Felding needling great for needle felting it's my best gadget

  16. Sabine and Marc Keulen (verified owner)

    Gute Qualität

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