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Filling wool South German merino – per kilo

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South German Merino Fill Cardboard is a perfect filling material. Can also be used as a base for felt projects!!!


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For those who like to make their workpieces entirely from natural materials, including the filling, there is this washed and carded wool from South German merino sheep. For dolls, pillows, felted cobblestones and other applications where you need volume.

The wool has a fairly short fiber and is pretty resilient. Because it is carded, you can fill it nicely regularly, so without unwanted thickening and empty spots. This is also a suitable wool for needle felting larger (basic) shapes.

26 reviews for Vulwol Zuid-Duitse merino – per kilo

  1. Maartje (verified owner)

    Fine wool, high quality

  2. Anke De Wolff (verified owner)

    super soft

  3. Kitty Wolff (verified owner)

    Lovely wool for making dolls.

  4. Huip Molenaar (verified owner)

    Works very nicely.

  5. Rian Bruijne - van Dorst (verified owner)

    Good, resilient and nice clean wool which I keep in a pillowcase.

  6. Annemieke Van den Berg (verified owner)

    Soft. Good to work with

  7. Margo Heine-Slezak (verified owner)

    Super fine wool

  8. Liana Romeijn (verified owner)

    Good product at a good price

  9. Ingrid Scheepers (verified owner)

    Nice clean wool

  10. Ada Schoonrok (verified owner)

    Nice material to work with

  11. Willy Bakker (verified owner)

    Beautiful wool and pleasant to use

  12. Monique Smith (verified owner)

    Top product for basic needlevolts

  13. Tracy Wilkie (verified owner)

    good quality

  14. Mini Bar (verified owner)

    Haven't used it yet, but what I see is good

  15. Anita Van Belzen (verified owner)

    Not used yet but looks good

  16. Marjolein Aarts (verified owner)

    Easy to work with both wet and needle felting

  17. Janny Smith (verified owner)

    it is well

  18. Lies van Melick (verified owner)

    This filling wool is very fragile, has short fibers that are difficult to wrap.

  19. cherished fosters (verified owner)

    Right colour

  20. Nathania De Pooter (verified owner)

    beautiful wool to fill dolls or to use as a base for felting

  21. sang (verified owner)

    This is excellent for needle felting projects. Especially if you would like to save on previous merino wool.

  22. Annelies Akkerman (verified owner)

    great very beautiful

  23. viviane voormans (verified owner)

    Nice basic wool for needle felting

  24. Susanne Nickel (verified owner)

    Even this wool is great for stuffing and dolls and toys

  25. I. Lansink (verified owner)

    Not yet used. Feels good and roll looks nice

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice filling wool

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