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Do you want to buy card fleece or felting wool online? At Meaningful Crafts we offer five different types in over 150 colors! But what exactly is card fleece and what makes it suitable as felt wool? In this blog we explain it to you.

Card fleece, also known as felting wool, is the ideal type of wool for dry felting techniques and can also be used for wet felting. It is often used as a filling material and can serve as a base for decorating with colored felt wool. Plus, it can be spun into thread or yarn!

Our card fleece has been washed, sometimes colored and carded, but not yet combed into a woolen skein (sun wool). It is voluminous, nicely blended and retains many of the sheep's cloud marks. We offer five types of felting wool: BhedaWool, Tyrolean Mountainsheep, European Merino wool, undyed and blended.

The advantage of our card fleece is that it is already pre-mixed, so you can start felting right away! Moreover, it is available in different weights and quantities and you can choose from more than 150 colors.

But what is the difference between felt wool and other types of wool? Compared to a woolen skein or wick wool, it has not yet been combed. Compared to needle felt, it has not yet been pressed into an even “fabric” and, compared to fur, it has been washed and carded.

Card fleece is perfect for dry felting 3D objects such as animals, figures or, for example, our Happy Cacti. It can also be used in wet felted murals, for example dry felted on an existing wet felted project. Moreover, it is an ideal surface for “fur felting”, where a sheepskin is felted on one side to a card fleece or needle fleece. As a result, the sheepskin retains its shape and you get the idea of a sheepskin without damaging the animal.

Buy our card fleece or felting wool online now and start felting right away!

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