Meaningful Midsummer Evening Hairband

In several parts of the world, midsummer night is a special holiday to celebrate the longest day of the year and usher in the hopefully fruitful summer. Originally a pagan fertility festival, it has also been incorporated into Christian celebrations as the birthday of St John the Baptist. Whatever your reason, you can celebrate this day beautifully with a beautiful Flower garland headband! (Pattern can be found at the bottom of the page!)

It is an important day for Meaningful Crafts for two reasons;

Changing the seasons.

First, we love the changing seasons and feel it's important to align our social gatherings and holidays with the seasons. For example, we enjoy winter nights together, in the fall we look for fruit, nuts and mushrooms, in the spring we celebrate the first rays of sunshine and the first budding flowers and in the summer we like to have a picnic with singing and dancing.

Culture connection with Finland

Secondly, one of the founders of Meaningful Crafts is of Finnish descent. Midsummer is one of the most important holidays in Finland. While midsummer doesn't automatically mean good weather for Finns (it still snows sometimes in midsummer!!) it is a time for Finns to put aside their normal reserved selves, dance around a fire, have a BBQ and go searching to a potential life partner. When you sleep in the fields in the midsummer night, you would dream of your future life partner.

This year midsummer will be different than usual, because of Corona. However, we still plan, with a little more distance, to dance around a pole or fire and sing our songs!

Felt Flower Wreath Pattern

If you also want to celebrate Midsummer this year, or if you have a summer wedding or other party that requires a headband, check out our Midsummer Headbands/Flower Wreaths pattern!

Download the pattern here:

Midsummer felt flower garland pattern


We have made our hairbands from our 100% woolen 1 mm thick TrueFelt, which is OEKOTEX-100 certified and complies with REACH and EN71 guidelines. For natural and safe needlework!.

Choose from our more than 80 colors of wool felt! TrueFelt

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