Macrame Lantern

Macrame is very popular again! And that makes sense, because it often produces the best results, it's great fun to do and applicable in so many ways. In the video below, which Twirre from Handmade Heaven made especially for us, we help you get started in the world of Macramé!



The Macrame history goes back to the 13th century! Most people link the art of macrame to the 1970s, the decade in which this art of knotting enjoyed unprecedented popularity. However, macramé was created several centuries before that, it probably even originated in the 13th century with the Arab weavers.
Twirre has designed a Windlight Pendant especially for Meaningful Crafts and explains in this video step by step how you can make it yourself


What do you need?

First decide how big you want to make the lantern. In the video you see 2 formats. For the large wind light you use 8mm Knots&Nerds Macramé rope and for the little one 6mm Knots&Nerds Macrame rope.
Which Macramé rope you need depends on the size lantern you make, but the knots are exactly the same!
You have one for attaching both hangers wooden ring needed from 85mm.

We hope this video description helps you get started in the world of Macramé. We always love to see your results, so please share them with us Instagram, Facebook or other social media! Tag us with @meaningful.crafts


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