Our journey to Nepal, the motherland of our BhedaWool

We went to Nepal to see how our BhedaWool is made! Travel with us to the land of mountains, friendly people and wool!

Although we were very busy building this webshop this summer, we decided to visit our Bhedawol, HandFelt and feltball suppliers in Nepal. And we didn't regret it! How great to see how our products are made and to work the last kinks out of the (stock) cables with our suppliers!

What impressed us most was how our products are truly handmade. We sometimes feel a little guilty that we sometimes complain when we order 18 mm balls and receive 20 mm balls. Now that we've seen how these amazingly talented ladies make the balls, and that they're checked by a second person, I don't think we'll be complaining about a few balls that aren't the right size! The Journey was a true "eye-opener"!

We think it is very important that our products are produced under fair and responsible conditions. We already knew that the factory hires women with few opportunities to get/keep them out of poverty. However, it is always important to see for yourself what the circumstances are like. Not every supplier has the resources to apply for all certificates and when they do have them, this is reflected in the price. Our BhedaWool supplier does not have the FairTrade certificate, but what we saw and felt in the factory gives us confidence that they really work with and for their employees. We interviewed a number of ladies and many of them have been working for our supplier for 15 years! We also saw a lot of cheerfulness and laughter in the workplace, which is also a good sign of a nice working environment.

As they often say; a picture says more than 1000 words; see here pictures of the process of making our felt products!

Making the BhedaWool


Isn't it great? View the colors here!!

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