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Undyed Wick Wool – Scotch Blend

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meervilt! Scotch blend, melange light gray brown, 35 microns.

Blend of 70% Scottish wool and 30% wool from other areas of the UK. Firm, lively wool with good felt properties. Also widely used for super thick knitting or crochet if you want a nice rough look. Wick wool is available in packs of 50 grams, 250 grams or 1 kilo. We also supply whole bumps of about 10 kilos of this wool for real large consumers.

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Order enough!

A natural product such as wool is not always the same. Every flock, sheep and shearing season is different. Therefore, make sure that you order enough wool for your project in one go. We cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly the same wool with your next order.

Take a bump with extra discount!

Wick wool is available in packs of 50 grams, 250 grams or 1 kilo. We also supply whole bumps of approximately 10 kilos with an extra discount on the kilo price for the real large-scale consumers: 20% when buying a full bump! The weight of a bump is around 10 kilos (about 9 to very occasionally 14 kilos for some species).

How long is that fuse?

Wool is usually sold by weight. But sometimes you want to know how long the fuse you get. The different packages contain the lengths listed below. Note: this is an approximation. The length can differ per type of wool, per color or per production. And the harder you pull, the longer the fuse becomes.

50 grams = approx. 2 meters
250 grams = approx. 10 meters
1 kilo = approx. 40 meters

Super thick crochet or knitting with broomsticks, PVC pipe? Arm knitting?

7 reviews for Ongeverfde Lontwol – Scotch Blend

  1. Margreet Bloemendaal (verified owner)

    Beautiful wool, my favourite! Great for felting too, but spinning goes great too!

  2. Sylvia Giesbers (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and well packaged

  3. Hilly Binksma (verified owner)

    beautiful felted wool

  4. Leentje van dorst (verified owner)

    He comes as you order him!

  5. Anne Balliel (verified owner)

    a whole new experience- arm knitting; but what and great result fine natural colour as pictured online; how taxable the material is in use as a blanket we still have to wait and see

  6. Marianne Cardon (verified owner)

    Fantastic wool. Am very happy with it.

  7. Yanaika Sinke-Mulder (verified owner)

    Nice product, smells like sheep…. I don't think that's a problem. I only miss a manual for cleaning or keeping it clean. For the rest very satisfied.

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