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soy wick

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Soyalont is a shiny, soft and yet strong fiber that resembles silk.

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Soy wick is made from soy proteins. Soy wick is a shiny, soft yet strong fiber that resembles silk. Perfect for spinning, blending, dyeing and felting through our beautiful meervilt! wool!


Soybean fiber is made from the natural residue of soy protein and from tofu production. This process is 100 percent natural and free of petrochemicals, making it an extremely environmentally friendly product. Soy is a fully renewable resource and fully biodegradable.

It is manufactured using new, advanced bioengineering technology by extracting proteins from the soybean cake residual oils – a liquid batter is made and cooked, then the fiber is produced by wet spinning and stabilized by acetylation. It is then cut into short pieces and goes through some sort of thermoforming process and is then combed into fibers.

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    used for teaching material textile knowledge

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