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Felt needle assortment with 12 needles


Felt needles assortment

Contains three different types in different amounts. With a range of felting needles you always have a suitable needle at hand. Also easy to try out the different types. This assortment of 12 needles consists of:

- 4 x Felt needle 3-sided coarse (32 gauge)

- 5 x Felt needle 3-sided fine (40 gauge)

- 3 x Felt needle 4-sided extra fine (38 gauge star)

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Felting Needles

Felting needles have a three-sided or four-sided (rigid) cross-section. Notches are made in the ribs of the sides. Behind these barbs, the hairs of the wool get stuck and are taken away. By moving back and forth you work the wool further and further together. That is felting the wool.

Prick, don't pry!

Attention:?felting needles are fragile. Make sure to always insert and remove the needle from the felt at the same angle. Avoid lateral tension, do not pry! It is wise to always have some extra needles in stock.

Overview types of felting needles

Felt needle 3-sided coarse (thickness 32 gauge)

Universal needle for use with coarse to medium wool, intended for quick and global modeling of a basic shape.

Felt needle 3-sided fine (thickness 40 gauge)

Universal needle for use with fine wool, intended for modeling details and also very suitable for appliqué work. This ?needle is also an inexpensive replacement needle for the ?Clover spring-loaded needle holder.

Felt needle 3-sided extra fine (thickness 43 gauge)

For use with very fine wool, for appliqué work on fine fabrics such as silk and pricking very fine details.

Felt needle 4-sided fine (thickness 38 gauge rigid)

For use with fine wool, ideal for evenly distributing fine wool, such as Merino wool on a basic shape that has already been felted with the coarse needle. A 4-sided needle has an extra barbed rib compared to a 3-sided needle, so it will felt faster. You will certainly notice the difference if you prick at an oblique angle, such as with superficial work.

Felt Needle Reverse (32 gauge thickness)

With this needle, the barbs are applied in reverse. With that you pull the fibers out of the felt, as it were. For example, you can provide a needle-felted surface with an extra hairy surface and create a beautiful coat. Also useful for mixing different colors.

Felting Needle Twisted (thickness 40 gauge)

With this felting needle, the barbs are mounted on twisted ribs. As a result, you use the entire diameter of the needle, so not just three or four lanes as with a needle with straight ribs. As a result, this needle works more effectively and therefore faster.

Assortment packaging

Felt needles assortment

Contains three different types in different amounts. With a range of felting needles you always have a suitable needle at hand. Also easy to try out the different varieties. This range of 12 needles consists of:

– 4?x?Felt Needle?3-sided?coarse (32?gauge)

– 5?x?Felt Needle?3-sided?Fine (40?gauge)

– 3?x?Felt needle?4-sided?extra?fine (38?gauge?star)

Set with 5?needles and 2?holders

Are you starting with needle felting? Then this set is very useful. The set consists of:

– 2?x?Felt Needle?3-sided?coarse (32?gauge)

– 3?x?Felt Needle?3-Sided?Fine (40?gauge)

– 2?x?wooden?felting needle holder for?1?needle

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    Excellent addition.

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    Fine needles

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    Very good product

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    great ! Very satisfied with the 12 felting dough

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    I still had needles so haven't used them yet

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