Felting by Numbers – Coloring with Wool!

We are always trying new things and often get inspiration from fields other than textile creativity. This ensures that we come up with unique and cool ideas. One of our favorite techniques is needle felting and we've come up with something that will make sure everyone, including beginners, can enjoy this technique with us!

A coloring book of wool!

How did we come up with the idea?

Have you ever heard of coloring books for adults? These detailed coloring books are designed to help adults relax. The intense, concentrated precision and repetitive activity required to color induce a sense of relaxation. It's easy enough to give your hands something to do, but not so hard that it becomes stressful. This makes it a good distraction from the daily grind.

For crafters who prefer to hold a needle rather than a pencil, we have now developed the felt package “Felting By Numbers”. Perfect for those looking for something relaxing and fun!

How is the package designed?

We asked our designer Joor to make three designs with our MiniBhedas. MiniBhedas are the smaller, 2 grams, versions of our De Witte Engel BhedaWool.

The three designs are: the “Veggie Bag”, with garden vegetables with a warm southern French summer style. For the way to the market or the vineyard!

The “Dream Catcher Bag” with a modern design for everyday use. To stylishly transport your belongings (and dreams). Take it to a festival, your yoga class or your school.

The imaginative “Love Wildlife Bag” with cheerful colors and a playful nature theme. Perfect for happy, slightly restless people who are always looking for adventure! Nice to take with you to the beach, on a hike or to an animal rights demonstration.

To make it accessible to everyone, the design is already printed on the bag. There is also a pattern with which colors we recommend where. But of course you can also make your own design!

We think natural materials are very important and strive for sustainability within our products. Not only is our BhedaWool a natural material (100% wool), but the bag is also made of organic cotton. The pricking mat that is included is made of ecofoam and the felting needle is made of high quality steel. Finally, we decided to pack this product “in itself” and tie it together with a jute string, so we don't have to use a plastic bag!

Is needle felting new to you?

Needle felting is easy and a good way to get acquainted with felting in general, wool and its special properties. Follow the three simple basic rules and you too will become a felt expert!

  • 1) Stick straight, up and down! If you pierce at an angle, or change the angle while pricking, there is a chance that the needle will break. Due to up and down movement, the needle can hardly break.
  • 2) Don't pierce too deep; if you pierce your pricking mat you can hit the table and the needle will break. If you work on your lap (not recommended) you can hit yourself and that hurts. Also try not to prick your fingers, the needle is very sharp ;).
  • 3) Take it easy and enjoy! It's not a competition and part of the fun comes from watching your bag slowly come together!

The Felting By Numbers packages come with all the materials and tools you need to make it. It also contains an extensive explanation and each bag has an extra small project that you can make from the leftover wool!

Would you like to try one of the packages? Buy them here!

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