Overview of different needle fleece / prefelts

When it comes to needle felt/prefelt, there are several types available. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. Below we give an overview of our different types of needle fleece:

Merino needlefleece 22 microns: This is a very solid 100% wool needle fleece with an even surface and suitable for larger workpieces. The weight is 150 grams per m2 and the roll is 160 cm wide.

European needle fleece 27 micron: This 100% wool needle fleece is produced according to bio standards in Europe. It is nice and soft, but not as soft as the finest type. However, this is compensated by the fantastic value for money and sturdiness. The roll width is about 140 cm and we offer 9 colours. The weight per m2 is 140 grams.

Fine needlefleece 19.5 microns. This 100% wool needle fleece is thin and fluffy and so soft it's hard to let go while holding it in your hands! The weight of this felt is about 120 grams per square meter and it is about 5 mm thick. The roll width is about 120 cm and we offer 44 colours.

Fleece2Felt. Very thick and sturdy 5 mm thick needle fleece with a weight of no less than 300 grams per m2. The roll is 65 cm wide.

Needlefleece with silk. This item, also called Wosiweb, is made of superfine (19.5 micron) merino wool with the addition of 20% mulberry silk. The needle fleece is easy to felt and feels wonderfully soft. The silk gives the felt a luxurious sheen. WoIsiweb has a weight of approximately 85 grams per square meter and is 120 cm wide.

Extra fine needle fleece. This is an extra thin version of our regular needle fleece. This needle fleece is about a third lighter. The weight per square meter is only about 85 grams compared to 120 grams for the normal variety. Ideal for making a very flexible and soft felt, for example for garments. Available in the undyed white color. The width of the fabric is 120 cm.

Wosiwebs Melweb. Like the normal needle fleece, it weighs about 120 grams per square meter, but is composed of black and white wool. Together, this makes a beautifully blended dark grey. The width of the fabric is 120 cm.

Duoweb – fine two-sided needle fleece. Duo consists of two layers of needle fleece: one layer of black and one layer of white

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