Autumn Wall Hanger

We love to have the season in our house. It connects the inside with the outside and reminds us of the seasonal cycle and the changes and possibilities it gives us!. In this inspirational article we show you how to make an autumnal leaf wall hanging from our sustainable Oekotex certified TrueFelt!


To bring autumn into your home, you can make this beautiful autumn wall hanging! You can reserve a spot in your house for the seasons and make a new pendant every upcoming season that replaces the previous season's pendant! It's even more fun if you add something to your pendant every year so that you not only bring the rotation of the seasons into your home, but also emphasize the progress through time in your seasonal pendant!

Needed to make the wall hanger:

To make the wall hanger in the colors as shown in the photos you need the following:

TrueFelt patches 20×30 cm, one per color in the following colours:

VLAP630, VLAP608, VLAP638, VLAP563, VLAP618, VLAP614, VLAP565, VLAP613, VLAP643, VLAP524

Felt beads in the following colours:

WJ0203, WJ022, WJ0233, WJ2221, WJ3221, WJ3225, WJ0257

You also need scissors, a needle and thread and a yarn to hang the leaves with! Pins can be useful for setting up your work!

Below you will find the pattern to make the wall hanger. You can make it just like we did or give it your own twist and make your own fall design!


As always, we're super curious about your versions and designs so be sure to share with us on social media!

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