Creative Gift Tip List December 2020 – Top 8 Creative Gifts!

Make your family and friends happy with perfect creative gifts this year! Whether you want to give your creative loved ones something to do or you want to give yourself a homemade gift, in the Top 8 creative gifts below you will find our best gift tips!


This year, thanks to Covid-19, there is more time than ever for creativity and crafts at home. This means that we can make beautiful things for ourselves and others. It's amazing how creativity can free us from the daily worries and concerns of our time.

Our gift list consists of the best quality products from their respective creative field and there are gifts for all different levels of experience.

So don't wait any longer, dive into our Top 8 gift ideas for winter 2020 and discover or spread the joy of creativity!

1 Macrame Lamp

Bring light into the darkness with this beautiful Macrame Lamp. Macrame is hip and this lamp is simple to make, but the end result is such that you can proudly hang it in your home! This pack makes a perfect gift for people who want to create something useful and stylish.

The kit contains everything you need to make the lamp, including the description in Dutch and English.

The lamp and fitting must be added yourself.

In summary, a perfect gift for macramé enthusiasts and those in need of a lamp!

Knots&Nerds - Macramé Lamp Making Kit
Knots&Nerds – Macramé Lamp Making Kit

2 Dry Felt Starter Set: Dinos

Needle felting is a fun and simple technique with endless possibilities. In this starter set you will find 26 colors of MiniBheda wool and all the tools you need to start needle felting! The set comes with instructions to make a dinosaur and then you can let your creativity loose with the leftover wool.

This set is suitable for beginners. The manual is in Dutch and English.

This gift is for people looking for a new creative expression and for those who love dinosaurs!

Starter Kit Needle Felting - Dinosaur
Starter Kit Needle Felting – Dinosaur

3 Christmas tree

Hang this angel in your Christmas tree, make her for someone else as a gift or give it to your favorite doll maker!

This gift is for those people who have the most beautiful Christmas tree every year or for those who want something other than glass in their Christmas tree.

christmas tree angel
christmas tree angel

4 William Winter

This winter doll is perfect as a gift for a doll maker. The package requires some experience, but the step-by-step instructions guide you through the process.

Of course you can also make the doll yourself and give it away to someone who needs extra winter hugs during the coming winter season!

This gift is perfect for cuddlers and people who like to make dolls.

William Winter
William Winter

5 Meerfelt! Indigo 1-2-3 starter set

Natural dyeing is hip and this is one of the fastest ways to get acquainted with this experimental form of handicraft!

Dyeing with indigo is an ancient technique and is a good introduction to the subject of natural dyeing. The kit contains everything you need to do your first indigo painting project and walks you through the process with a step-by-step guide.

This gift is suitable for mad professors and budding artisan scientists alike.

Meerfelt! Indigo 1-2-3 Starting Kit
Meerfelt! Indigo 1-2-3 Starting Kit


6 Warp&Weave weaving set

To weave professionally you don't necessarily have to have a gigantic loom! Warp&Weave is designed as a handy and light loom for weaving with wick wool, plant fibres, other wicks or traditional yarn. The versatility of this loom can only be expressed in the richness of the projects you can make on it.

The Warp&Weave weaving set comes with the loom, a weaving flat, weaving needle and weaving comb. There is also enough warp to put up your window the first time!

This is a perfect gift for the craft enthusiast who already has everything and is ready to sail into a new ocean of creativity!

Warp&Weave - Weaving frame/weaving set - 46x56 cm
Warp&Weave - Weaving frame / weaving set - 46 × 56 cm
Warp&Weave - Weaving frame/weaving set - 36x46 cm
Warp&Weave - Weaving frame / weaving set - 36 × 46 cm

7 100% Wool felt Patches set

The previous gift tips were for people who like to get inspiration with their materials. This gift is for people who have many ideas of their own, but are hungry for many colors of felt!

Do you know someone who loves felting and sewing and can use that color in their creative life? With this gift you give a piece of our 100% woolen TrueFelt from 62 colors.

This gift is perfect for those who love to sew and want the ultimate amount of color at their disposal.

TrueFelt - Ultimate Felt Patch Set
TrueFelt – Ultimate Felt Patch Set

8 Felting by numbers Dry felt making package.

Simple and fun needle felt making kit where you color a bag with MiniBheda wool like "crayons"!

Sometimes simple is better and the Felting by Numbers kits teach you how to felt using a method we all know; coloring books.

A Felting by Numbers package consists of a 100% cotton bag, on which a print is printed. In addition, the package contains everything you need to fill in the pattern with the colors BhedaWool.

The end result is a unique homemade bag, which also taught you how to needle felt!

This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys crafts and likes to make a useful object. Suitable for all levels of creative experience.

Love Wildlife bag
Love Wildlife bag
dreamcatcher bag
dreamcatcher bag
vegetable bag
vegetable bag

Honorable Mentions

Last words:

Were these gift ideas helpful to you? Do you think other products should be in the list? Do you want to show your best creative gift? As always, we love hearing from you via our instagram or facebook!

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