How do you thermoform felt?

How to thermoform felt? A guide Thermoforming.

Thermoformable felt is a special kind of fabric that you can deform by heating it. You can make all kinds of fun and creative things with it, such as jewellery, lampshades, baskets and much more. In this blog post "how to thermoform felt", we explain how to make your own thermoformable felt with an electric oven or a microwave oven.

What do you need for thermoforming felt?

To start with, you need felt, of course. Not all types of felt are suitable for thermoforming. We use Design needle felt and Mountain sheep needle felt of meervilt!, as these felts retain their shape after heating.

You will also need yarn to secure the felt in the desired shape before heating it. Choose yarn that will not leave visible traces after removal.

You can also use heat-resistant materials to make a mold for the felt. Think, for example, of glass, ceramics, metal or suitable cardboard.

Attention: do not use metal needles or pins in the microwave! They can cause sparks and burn the felt.

How do you proceed?

  1. Shape the felt into the desired shape. Use yarn to secure the felt and possibly a template to support it.
  2. Heat the felt in an electric oven or microwave. The temperature and time depend on the color and device you are using. For light colors we recommend a temperature of 130º C and for dark colors 150º C. The baking time is about 20 minutes in the oven and 5 minutes in the microwave.
  3. Allow the felt to cool completely before removing the yarn and template. The felt is now fixed in the new shape.
  4. Finish the felt as desired. For example, you can use glue to attach some parts together or an iron to make sharp creases.

Tips for felt thermoforming

Before you start a large project, it is wise to do a test with the materials and colors you want to use. This way you can test whether the temperature and time work well for your design and whether the mold and yarn are heat resistant.

Be creative with thermoforming too! You can create all kinds of fun effects by combining different layers, colors or patterns of felt. Be inspired by our examples on our website or come up with something original yourself!

Have you ever made anything with thermoformable felt? Then share your experience with us in the comments!

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