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European Merino Lont wool - 28 microns - samples


This European Merino from meervilt! is a soft, voluminous, economical all-round wool. For wet and needle felting, spinning and of course for XXL knitting, because this wool has a nice thick and regular roving.

This concerns the samples European Merino Wool. Also available in packs of:

These bumps sometimes weigh almost 5 kilos, but you always only pay for 4.5 kilos. So you can get extra if !

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Now 60 colours, including 10 melange.

Medium-fine 27 micron sliver wool in trendy colours. Produced in the EU according to organic standards. A beautiful wool that doesn't come from the other side of the world!

For the real large consumers, this wool is also available as a bump (large ball) of approximately 4.5 kilos. Ideal for an extra large XXL throw.

Animal-friendly and ecologically responsible

Merino sheep are known for their high quality wool production. But whoever thought that they only thrive far away is mistaken. Originally the merino sheep comes from North Africa and Spain, but it is now kept all over the world, including other European countries.

The wool of European merino's is less fine than that of merino's from warmer areas, such as Australia. But otherwise this wool has the same excellent properties and it is also guaranteed mulesing-free and has a smaller carbon footprint. Due to the fineness of 27 microns, the wool is suitable for most applications. In short, an attractive, animal-friendly and ecologically responsible wool!


The sheep are kept by small-scale family farms that work according to the principles of organic production. However, not all of these companies are certified organic because of the high costs. As a result, we cannot issue certification for the wool. In the spring of 2018 we visited some of these sheep farmers. There we could see with our own eyes that they take good care of their animals.

The shorn wool is washed, dyed, carded and combed by an almost two-century old company with a rich history. However, this company is completely up to date, with many modern machines and its own laboratory for quality control. Making environmentally friendly products is the starting point here. We have also visited this company and partly because of this we are really confident that our European merino wool is produced in a responsible manner.

Crochet or knit super thick with broom handles, PVC pipe? arm knitting?

This wick wool is ideally suited for super cool crocheting and knitting. You can make beautiful, trendy plaids, pillows and rugs with it! Read more about it on our tips for it Knitting and crocheting XXL Big Wool.

Order enough wool

A natural product such as wool is not always the same. Every flock, every sheep, every shearing season and every dye bath is a little different. Therefore, make sure that you order enough wool for your project in one go. We cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly the same color with your next order.

How much do I need?

It really depends on your knitting or crocheting style. The thicker the needle, the more wool you use. When you knit or crochet tightly, you also use more than when you work loosely. Do you split the fuse, or do you use the whole fuse? In short, it can be quite different. You can use this as a guide:
PlaidSize: 120 x 150 cm: approx. 3 kilos.
Pillow: 50 x 50 cm (two sides): approx. 1 kilo.
ShawlSize: 20 x 120 cm: approx. 500 grams.

Putting fuse together

If possible, we deliver an order of several kilos of wick wool in one piece. But because the fuse from our stock is not endless, we cannot guarantee that this will always work. Because two pieces of fuse are easy to put together, this is no problem. Fan both ends slightly and lay them over each other, then lightly roll them together and continue knitting. You don't see it anymore after knitting.

Colourfast? Washable?

Safe, modern, high-quality synthetic dyes are used for this wick wool. These have a high coloring power, they are non-toxic and they are very stable. They can fade under the influence of light, as is the case with all textiles. The extent to which this happens differs per color and is very dependent on the way in which the wool is used and stored. The wool can also fade or give off color when washed. You sometimes notice the latter during felting. Pay particular attention to bright, saturated colors. Wear work clothes that can get a stain!

Our wick wool is natural NOT treated with Superwash chemicals. This can cause the wool to shrink and felt due to washing (which is also the intention if you want to felt!). See also our tips for it Knitting and crocheting XXL Big Wool.

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  1. Bettina Marsman (verified owner)

    Colours are beautiful Further not yet used

  2. Madeleine Lammers (verified owner)

    Beautiful material

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