Cute and safe baby booties made of felt

If you make something yourself, you know exactly what happened to it and where it came from! You can make these safe baby slippers from our safe, 100% woolen TrueFelt. All materials for these slippers are OEKOTEX 100 product class 1 certified and therefore safe for babies! So even if your baby wants to suck the booties you know they are safe non-toxic materials!

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Needed for cute baby booties

Material package

We have 80 colors of TrueFelt to choose from if you want to create your own design (see below for how!). If you want to use the same color as in the examples, click here for easy ready-made material packages for the colors! These packages contain the materials and a printed description!

Or choose your own colours:

1mm felt:

For the colored parts of the slippers and for the bunny you use VLAP (20 x 30 cm patches) of Truefelt, 100% wool, 1mm. This material is OEKOTEX-100 certified and REACH, EN71:1,2,3a

3mm felt:

The bottom of the slippers is made of 3mm felt, TrueFelt, 100% wool, e.g. white.


We use for sewing Venus Yarn, which is also Okotex certified. Beautiful and affordable, 6 ply embroidery floss. A thread is 8 meters long and made of 100% Mercisized Egyptian Cotton. Nice to combine with our Truefelt felt. Each Truefelt color has a corresponding Venus yarn color.


Clover marking pen

You can easily make these safe baby slippers; download the pattern and follow the steps in the document or below!Making these slippers is easy, download the free pattern below and follow the steps.


Tip: Don't forget about two various slippers, one for each foot 😉


The letters in the descriptions correspond to the letters in the patterns! Cut out the paper patterns and pin them to the felt.

Step-by-step instructions:

1 Trace the pattern onto the felt and remove the paper pattern. Cut out the shapes.

Tip: Place the patterns close together so you don't waste felt!

2 Split the split yarn into two times 3 threads.

3 Draw the face on the bunny using the pattern. Now embroider the face on the felt.

4 Sew the face onto part B of the felt.

For the next steps you will use a Festoon stitch.

5 Sew part C onto part A&Z.

6 Then sew part B onto A&Z.


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